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  • When faced with my first home sale and purchase in more than 10 years, I panicked. My agent had set a goal of getting our existing home on the market in 3 weeks and when I started to meltdown, my agent recommended Maria White and her company, Enuff with the Stuff. In 3 days of … Continue reading Jan Hausrath-Selling Prep & Unpack

    Jan Hausrath-Selling Prep & Unpack
  • Our storage room had become the dumping ground for everything from old pots and pans to dated Christmas decorations, lamps, dishes, golf clubs and the list went on and on. We had talked many times of taking a weekend to “attack” the room…but the minute we opened the door we would become overwhelmed as to … Continue reading Marcia Behr- Home Organizing

    Marcia Behr- Home Organizing
  • Thank you for your incredible help.. I still have a way to go to get my home to a nice/happy state and need to slowly change my habits like I must remember everything has a home, but we made a lot of progress.. Bless you.. You provide a service that transforms lives..

    Sharon G.- Home Organizing
  • I had had my house on the market for several months and was entertaining an offer when I enlisted Maria’s help. She came by and gave me insights for the next steps. Personally, I was out-of-steam and needed someone to provide a comprehensive plan. Maria set priorities, gave me a written plan, suggested tools, and … Continue reading Susan Price- Local Move Prep

    Susan Price- Local Move Prep
  • We are in the process of selling our home, and our realtor strongly suggested getting some help with our “stuff.” Even though I knew I needed help, and in fact had started Marie Kondo’s book (the life-changing magic of tidying up, but was still on page 1) I reluctantly called Maria White and we scheduled … Continue reading Theresa L. Schuster – Selling Prep

    Theresa L. Schuster – Selling Prep
  • I would highly recommend Maria White and her team at Enuff with the Stuff! Whether you are moving or just need help organizing around your home or office, their work, and more importantly their passion, cannot be beat! We recently moved and I hired Maria to help us unpack a 5 bedroom home. She and … Continue reading Chelsea E. Kaiser, President Old American Title – Unpack

    Chelsea E. Kaiser, President Old American Title – Unpack
  • “Maria White is every real estate agent’s dream come true, and the true piece of the puzzle that puts everything literally in its place. As a very busy realtor I have had clients whose homes were so full of “stuff” that they had no idea how to prepare their home for sale. And given these … Continue reading Gail Romansky – Keller Williams Realty

    Gail Romansky – Keller Williams Realty
  • I can’t say enough great things about Enuff With The Stuff!!! My daughter is an avid artist. She creates stuff constantly, non-stop, every chance she gets. It’s amazing to watch, but it was challenging my mommy skills (and my sanity!)…trying to keep it all sorted in a way that honors her talent without over-cluttering our … Continue reading Sharon Huff, VA – Virtual Organizing

    Sharon Huff, VA – Virtual Organizing
  • Maria White from Enuff With The Stuff is the best organizer I have ever hired; she is probably the best there is. I was very wary of hiring another organizer, having hired 2 in the past and not really having been helped by them. They were well-intentioned but they just did not have the skills. … Continue reading Marla Brinn-Home Organizing

    Marla Brinn-Home Organizing
  • “Maria helped us to identify dozens of areas where we could improve our home’s appearance and get it ready for showing. When we put our house on the market we were confident that it was looking its best”

    Christopher Lennox – Selling Prep
  • The playroom part of the basement was always a disaster…My kids never knew where anything was so they would make huge messes in order to find things to play with. Not any more! With the tips and suggestions of Maria as well as getting rid of a ton of stuff, playing and cleaning up is … Continue reading Dianna Solis – Home Organizing

    Dianna Solis – Home Organizing
  • Please call Maria for organization ideas in your home. You’ll be SO glad you did! “Here arrives this bundle of energy who sped through organizing our clean-up and move-out like disciplined wildfire. She cured our cold feet about parting with 21 years of junk. She mediated tensions between “his” and “hers.” She knew all the … Continue reading DS – Ashburn -Selling Prep

    DS – Ashburn -Selling Prep
  • Working with Maria was such a pleasure. She made the job at hand seem easy and fun. Faced with mounds of papers and junk that were choking us, as well as furniture that was way too large for our space, we not only reclaimed our office space, but also got our lives back. Maria also … Continue reading Jessica and Ed Curtis- Home Organizing

    Jessica and Ed Curtis- Home Organizing
  • Maria White, a professional organizer with Enuff With The Stuff, is located in Northern Virginia and I bought a new house in New Mexico. I had a very disorganized kitchen in so many ways and I did not know how to make my beautiful new kitchen work efficiently so I called Maria for a virtual … Continue reading Rachael Allen, NM – Virtual Organizing

    Rachael Allen, NM – Virtual Organizing
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