Moving Help

Selling Prep (Hands-On package hours apply)

• Assess what needs to be pre-packed
• Pack away personal belongings not appropriate for staging
• Pick up needed packing materials(cost of materials extra)
• Arrange for other services as needed-stager, junk hauler, painter, HVAC, plumber, movers, etc.
• Schedule donation pick up service
• One free donation drop off by us with donation receipt provided to client when complete
• We will recycle or Freecycle limited items
• Consignment assistance provided

Unpacking Service (Quote will be based on scope and size of project)

• Unpack some or all of the rooms in your new home
• Unpack and put away using Best Unpacking and Organizing Principles
• Break down and remove all boxes and paper
• Label cabinets with removable labels to ensure family members can locate belongings easily
• Create list of suggested items for homeowner to purchase for new spaces
• Complete end of day walk through each day to update clients on what was completed and allow for client input on slight adjustments.
• Have your home set up properly from the start

Call today and have less stress tomorrow!

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