Maria White, a professional organizer with Enuff With The Stuff, is located in Northern Virginia
and I bought a new house in New Mexico. I had a very disorganized kitchen in so many ways
and I did not know how to make my beautiful new kitchen work efficiently so I called Maria for a
virtual consultation. I e-mailed Maria and asked her if she would help me with my kitchen and
she instructed me to open all of my cabinets and take pictures and e-mail them to her right
away. She called me a couple of hours later and meticulously reviewed each and every inch of
my kitchen clutter with me and presented solutions.
When I did all of the things that Maria told me to do, I took after pictures and e-mailed them to
her for her review.
I could go on and on about the countless wonderful ideas that Maria gave me to make my
kitchen work but instead, contact Maria…she’s a genius and a joy to work with. My life is much
less stressful and I love my kitchen! Thank you Maria!!!”