When faced with my first home sale and purchase in more than 10 years, I panicked. My agent had set a goal of getting our existing home on the market in 3 weeks and when I started to meltdown, my agent recommended Maria White and her company, Enuff with the Stuff.

In 3 days of 4-5 hour packing sessions, we packed more than 70 boxes and purged our house of unwanted items that could be of use to charities — which Maria hauled away in her trusty van. Once I moved into my new home, Maria deployed her genius organizational skills, installing pull-out drawers in kitchen cabinets, reorganizing pot and dish drawers, unpacking and then organizing clothes closets and drawers for ease of use.

I couldn’t have lasted through this move without Maria, simply put!!  If you want to get the move done right and fast, then you’ll want Maria at your side too.

Jan Hausrath
Reston, VA

P.S. House sold in 1 day!