Maria White from Enuff With The Stuff is the best organizer I have ever hired; she is probably
the best there is. I was very wary of hiring another organizer, having hired 2 in the past and not
really having been helped by them. They were well-intentioned but they just did not have the
skills. And I have read books and books on how to get organized, (I’ve read them all – Julie
Morgenstern, Feng Shui books on clutter – just every book there is) and though I had made
improvements, I still was having troubles. So I had little hope that there was anyone who could
help. But Maria looks at a room, even a room like my office that is completely overrun with stuff
and a shambles, and immediately knows how to organize it, and organize it in such a way that
you can keep it organized. Really, she is like some kind of miracle! After all these years of
suffering with clutter, and running into wall after wall with every solution I tried, she walked in
and gave me such simple solutions that were easy to carry out, and they worked! And she
worked with me based on how I work, instead of trying to force my work methods into some
kind of “organizer” pigeonhole. She didn’t tell me to stop having so many projects, or finish
one before I start the next – she gave me concrete ways to keep the projects available and
neat while I worked a bit on one or a bit on the other, which is how I tend to get things done. I
could not recommend her more highly.