We are in the process of selling our home, and our realtor strongly suggested getting some help with our “stuff.” Even though I knew I needed help, and in fact had started Marie Kondo’s book (the life-changing magic of tidying up, but was still on page 1) I reluctantly called Maria White and we scheduled 3 hours. When Maria showed up, she came with her tool belt and her supplies (Sharpie marker, boxes, packing paper, labels, tape and no doubt more) and immediately made me feel comfortable. Maria, my realtor, Mary Williams, and I initially walked the house and then quickly made a plan as to what we could take on and finish within our 3 hour allotted time. Maria, then proceeded to do, what I have not have done for the last X years. She tackled our office ( a true treasure trove of miscellaneous and odd items) and proceeded to put like items together, pack them up, label the boxes and bring them to the basement. When she finished, our office closely resembled a place to think profound thoughts, and even more importantly my realtor approved. I highly recommend Maria and her services. She is affordable, thorough, respectful, and an exceptionally kind, hard and efficient worker. Had I known that she was available and that it would not be as traumatic as I thought, I would have employed her services years ago. Please do yourself a favor, if inertia, indecision, price, prohibit you from asking for help in the organizing department, fear not. Maria will help to put you at ease, make the job look simple and solve some issues in near record time. I am now on page 2 of Marie Kondo’s book and hopeful that I can get to page 3 soonest.

Theresa L. Schuster