I can’t say enough great things about Enuff With The Stuff!!! My daughter is an avid artist. She
creates stuff constantly, non-stop, every chance she gets. It’s amazing to watch, but it was
challenging my mommy skills (and my sanity!)…trying to keep it all sorted in a way that honors
her talent without over-cluttering our home. We built a craft room onto her bedroom when we
designed our house because we knew from past experience we’d need a gallery-of-
containment. Shanelle has been creative since birth. But the craft room was filled from floor
to ceiling and every cabinet/drawer in between within a year. Big sigh.

That’s when Maria White, owner of Enuff With The Stuff, rescued us. She’s been in business
for a very long time. Maria didn’t just come and get everything organized. She invested a lot
of time, getting to know my personality and Shanelle’s. She gave me parenting tips that I’m still
using…on how to coach Shanelle into being accountable for her own stuff. Lots of positive
reinforcement AND consequences!…not just for Shanelle…for me too. I was missing the mark,
and Maria’s tough-love approach did wonders for getting us on track. Maria sent a ton of out-
of-the-box ideas and systems by email, that were tailored for our issues, our collective design
tastes, and the pre-teen that Shanelle was evolving into. Shanelle’s room looks like a
showplace now…but it’s setup in a way that SHE can maintain. She’s still creating new
treasures daily. You wouldn’t believe how much she’s made during Storm Sandy alone. :o)

The transformation is incredible, and now I don’t spend every weekend nagging Shanelle to
clean up her space.