Last month I wrote about the App Wunderlist and hope that you found it useful for yourself or someone else you know. This month I am going to share another App called 30/30.
30/30 is another free App which is great for building your time management skills or for someone who gets easily side tracked from completing tasks, such as a student or anyone with ADHD. It is a countdown type of timer tool which allows you to set up lists of tasks you want to get accomplished in a set amount of time. Once you add each task, you set the amount of time you think it will take you to complete it and then you can begin the timer. Each task is a different color which I find very visually appealing. The timer utilizes a digital clock for the countdown in the middle of the dial(which matches the color of the task) and the perimeter of the dial is also filling in with color as time passes to offer another visual for time passing. This is a critical piece for anyone who struggles with time management. Looking at a digital clock or even a countdown clock does not represent the passing of time well. But seeing the color fill in around the perimeter of the timer allows a person to see the time passing as well as how much time is left. You can quickly add a minute or delete a minute on the fly by tapping a + or – on the dial. Once the task is complete you get to hear a sound of your choice. I chose trumpets to mark my triumphs. Then the next tasks begins the countdown for the amount you set to complete it. It is easy to rearrange tasks with a quick swipe and there are lots of cool features to make it more user specific.
I wouldn’t use this for myself every day but when I know I have a lot of tasks to get done and I want to stay focused this would motivate me to get things done for sure. I like to compete against myself and external forces of accountability. I do think this would be very helpful for an ADHD adult or a student. Most people in these two groups tend to underestimate the amount of time needed to complete tasks so this would be very useful in guiding them towards better time management.
Check it out and let me know what you think. Are there any other time management tools you use and like? I would love to hear what you are using.