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  • Without Maria’s help organizing our move, we could not have done it. I was still working and could not see how it could be done. Not only did Maria work amazingly fast, but she also taught me what I needed to do on my own so we could make our moving deadline. I really appreciated her suggestions and willingness to get rid of what had to go. Her moving package ( labels for all our rooms) were incredibly helpful. She also had so many other people to recommend and they too were excellent. Thank you, Nuff with the Stuff. 👍🏻Maria, you are a 🌟

    Denora MacElwain- Selling Prep & Pack
  • THIS IS THE BEST ORGANIZER IN THE NORTHERN VIRGINIA AREA! (ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE DOWNSIZING!) Maria White is incredible! We had to be her toughest job ever but Maria said she’s had others like us. We had bought a house to downsize to but we needed to sell the large house that my husband had lived in for 35 years and had kept every item he ever bought. We thought it would be impossible to ever get out of that house. Our realtor connected us to Maria who took command immediately and put us on a mission to pitch, donate, or pack. She stuck with us several hours a day for weeks and it finally was done! It was work on all our parts but we never could have done this on our own. Maria was also a great psychologist in helping my husband to let go. We are both so happy with the work she did for us that I had her with me for the first two days that we moved into our new home. Wow did she ever unpack and get items put away quickly! We have recommended Maria to several friends and acquaintances who are also quite happy with how much she has helped them in their moves – none as big a job as ours though!

    Connie Weis- Selling Prep, Pack & Unpack
  • Maria and I worked on my storage room in my basement; a task that would of taken me forever! We were done in a few hours! She has a lot of great ideas too for making your life easier. I would definitely recommend her!

    Daniel Pratt- Home Organizing
  • Maria is professional and really knows what she is doing. I couldn’t have made the move without her. I would highly recommend her. Her energy and knowledge were inspiring.
    Thanks again Maria

    Laura Neale

    Laura Neale- Selling Prep & Pack
  • Maria is amazing! She not only helps get things organized by letting go of things you don’t use (donating, recycling, throwing out), she also helps you set up long-term easy to use systems so that drawers and closets and the like never get overloaded again! I highly recommend Maria. Her services are outstanding, of tremendous value. Sharon Gleason

    Sharon Gleason- Home Organizing
  • I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed working with you on this major unpacking and organizing project.  You helped me manage this overwhelming task and maintain my “sanity”.  Your professionalism and delightful personality are assets which will guarantee your continued success. -Jane H

    Extra shout out:

    Having relocated from out-of-state, I needed a take-charge individual to help me organize and settle into my new home and assist me in sorting and prioritizing items for a major downsize.   Maria was recommended to me by another business entrepreneur who was doing work at my home prior to my move-in.  She is the quintessential professional…efficient, prompt, knowledgeable and friendly. Do not plan a move without her advice and assistance.  She is the BEST!  Jane H.

  • When faced with my first home sale and purchase in more than 10 years, I panicked. My agent had set a goal of getting our existing home on the market in 3 weeks and when I started to meltdown, my agent recommended Maria White and her company, Enuff with the Stuff.

    In 3 days of 4-5 hour packing sessions, we packed more than 70 boxes and purged our house of unwanted items that could be of use to charities — which Maria hauled away in her trusty van. Once I moved into my new home, Maria deployed her genius organizational skills, installing pull-out drawers in kitchen cabinets, reorganizing pot and dish drawers, unpacking and then organizing clothes closets and drawers for ease of use.

    I couldn’t have lasted through this move without Maria, simply put!!  If you want to get the move done right and fast, then you’ll want Maria at your side too.

    Jan Hausrath
    Reston, VA

    P.S. House sold in 1 day!

    Jan Hausrath-Selling Prep & Unpack
  • Our storage room had become the dumping ground for everything from old pots and pans to dated Christmas decorations, lamps, dishes, golf clubs and the list went on and on. We had talked many times of taking a weekend to “attack” the room…but the minute we opened the door we would become overwhelmed as to where to start. Enter Maria White! She was prompt, professional, hard working, non-judgmental, a real dream come true. We could not be happier with how everything looks and would recommend Enuff With The Suff to anyone.
    P.S. My husband was ThRiLLed and is totally amazed at what you have done. Marcia Behr

    Marcia Behr- Home Organizing
  • Thank you for your incredible help.. I still have a way to go to get my home to a nice/happy state and need to slowly change my habits like I must remember everything has a home, but we made a lot of progress.. Bless you.. You provide a service that transforms lives..

    Sharon G.- Home Organizing
  • I had had my house on the market for several months and was entertaining an offer when I enlisted Maria’s help. She came by and gave me insights for the next steps. Personally, I was out-of-steam and needed someone to provide a comprehensive plan. Maria set priorities, gave me a written plan, suggested tools, and gave me encouragement for my decluttering, organizing, and moving preparations. Now my house is under contract and I have a plan that I can confidently follow. Thank you Maria!

    Susan Price

    Susan Price- Local Move Prep
  • We are in the process of selling our home, and our realtor strongly suggested getting some help with our “stuff.” Even though I knew I needed help, and in fact had started Marie Kondo’s book (the life-changing magic of tidying up, but was still on page 1) I reluctantly called Maria White and we scheduled 3 hours. When Maria showed up, she came with her tool belt and her supplies (Sharpie marker, boxes, packing paper, labels, tape and no doubt more) and immediately made me feel comfortable. Maria, my realtor, Mary Williams, and I initially walked the house and then quickly made a plan as to what we could take on and finish within our 3 hour allotted time. Maria, then proceeded to do, what I have not have done for the last X years. She tackled our office ( a true treasure trove of miscellaneous and odd items) and proceeded to put like items together, pack them up, label the boxes and bring them to the basement. When she finished, our office closely resembled a place to think profound thoughts, and even more importantly my realtor approved. I highly recommend Maria and her services. She is affordable, thorough, respectful, and an exceptionally kind, hard and efficient worker. Had I known that she was available and that it would not be as traumatic as I thought, I would have employed her services years ago. Please do yourself a favor, if inertia, indecision, price, prohibit you from asking for help in the organizing department, fear not. Maria will help to put you at ease, make the job look simple and solve some issues in near record time. I am now on page 2 of Marie Kondo’s book and hopeful that I can get to page 3 soonest.

    Theresa L. Schuster

    Theresa L. Schuster – Selling Prep
  • I would highly recommend Maria White and her team at Enuff with the Stuff! Whether you are moving or just need help organizing around your home or office, their work, and more importantly their passion, cannot be beat! We recently moved and I hired Maria to help us unpack a 5 bedroom home. She and her team not only had everything unpacked but put away, organized and ready to use in less than 2 days! Maria’s services go well beyond simply unpacking and putting stuff away. She truly went above and beyond by including my children in the process and showing them the importance of organizing, which in turn made them excited about their new home and, to this day, they are taking pride in keeping their rooms organized! Throughout the process, Maria was also mindful of the fact that they had recently lost their father. Understanding this delicate situation, Maria was sure to include pictures and things that belonged to him in each of their bedrooms all the while handling the situation with profound grace. I only have one regret and that is that I didn’t have Maria come before the move to help us declutter before we packed!

    Chelsea E. Kaiser, President Old American Title – Unpack
  • “Maria White is every real estate agent’s dream come true, and the true piece of the puzzle that puts everything literally in its place.
    As a very busy realtor I have had clients whose homes were so full of “stuff” that they had no idea how to prepare their home for sale. And given these scenarios, I would spend hours and days helping my clients sort thru their belongings and try to organize piles that we labeled “keep”, “donate”, or “throw away.
    This year, I met Maria White, owner of Enuff With The Stuff, and my world has been a better place ever since!”

    Gail Romansky – Keller Williams Realty
  • I can’t say enough great things about Enuff With The Stuff!!! My daughter is an avid artist. She
    creates stuff constantly, non-stop, every chance she gets. It’s amazing to watch, but it was
    challenging my mommy skills (and my sanity!)…trying to keep it all sorted in a way that honors
    her talent without over-cluttering our home. We built a craft room onto her bedroom when we
    designed our house because we knew from past experience we’d need a gallery-of-
    containment. Shanelle has been creative since birth. But the craft room was filled from floor
    to ceiling and every cabinet/drawer in between within a year. Big sigh.

    That’s when Maria White, owner of Enuff With The Stuff, rescued us. She’s been in business
    for a very long time. Maria didn’t just come and get everything organized. She invested a lot
    of time, getting to know my personality and Shanelle’s. She gave me parenting tips that I’m still
    using…on how to coach Shanelle into being accountable for her own stuff. Lots of positive
    reinforcement AND consequences!…not just for Shanelle…for me too. I was missing the mark,
    and Maria’s tough-love approach did wonders for getting us on track. Maria sent a ton of out-
    of-the-box ideas and systems by email, that were tailored for our issues, our collective design
    tastes, and the pre-teen that Shanelle was evolving into. Shanelle’s room looks like a
    showplace now…but it’s setup in a way that SHE can maintain. She’s still creating new
    treasures daily. You wouldn’t believe how much she’s made during Storm Sandy alone. :o)

    The transformation is incredible, and now I don’t spend every weekend nagging Shanelle to
    clean up her space.

    Sharon Huff, VA – Virtual Organizing
  • Maria White from Enuff With The Stuff is the best organizer I have ever hired; she is probably
    the best there is. I was very wary of hiring another organizer, having hired 2 in the past and not
    really having been helped by them. They were well-intentioned but they just did not have the
    skills. And I have read books and books on how to get organized, (I’ve read them all – Julie
    Morgenstern, Feng Shui books on clutter – just every book there is) and though I had made
    improvements, I still was having troubles. So I had little hope that there was anyone who could
    help. But Maria looks at a room, even a room like my office that is completely overrun with stuff
    and a shambles, and immediately knows how to organize it, and organize it in such a way that
    you can keep it organized. Really, she is like some kind of miracle! After all these years of
    suffering with clutter, and running into wall after wall with every solution I tried, she walked in
    and gave me such simple solutions that were easy to carry out, and they worked! And she
    worked with me based on how I work, instead of trying to force my work methods into some
    kind of “organizer” pigeonhole. She didn’t tell me to stop having so many projects, or finish
    one before I start the next – she gave me concrete ways to keep the projects available and
    neat while I worked a bit on one or a bit on the other, which is how I tend to get things done. I
    could not recommend her more highly.

    Marla Brinn-Home Organizing
  • “Maria helped us to identify dozens of areas where we could improve our home’s appearance
    and get it ready for showing. When we put our house on the market we were confident that it
    was looking its best”

    Christopher Lennox – Selling Prep
  • The playroom part of the basement was always a disaster…My kids never knew where anything
    was so they would make huge messes in order to find things to play with. Not any more! With
    the tips and suggestions of Maria as well as getting rid of a ton of stuff, playing and cleaning
    up is so much easier now for the kids.
    All of the rooms in my basement now have a purpose. It will be very easy to keep them that way
    since I now have some great systems in place that will assist me as well as my children. I am
    so pleased with how my basement turned out.

    Dianna Solis – Home Organizing
  • Please call Maria for organization ideas in your home. You’ll be SO glad you did!
    “Here arrives this bundle of energy who sped through organizing our clean-up
    and move-out like disciplined wildfire. She cured our cold feet about
    parting with 21 years of junk. She mediated tensions between “his” and
    “hers.” She knew all the trade tricks, local rules and resources. Most of
    all, she was a tonic for the morale of two beaten-down householders facing a
    monumental task. Maria made us deal with it, all three of us working
    together like a well-drilled army.”

    DS – Ashburn -Selling Prep
  • Working with Maria was such a pleasure. She made the job at hand seem easy and fun. Faced
    with mounds of papers and junk that were choking us, as well as furniture that was way too
    large for our space, we not only reclaimed our office space, but also got our lives back. Maria
    also suggested a filing system that has simplified our records and helped us keep the space
    clean and pleasant to work in. I have highly recommended Maria to many friends who are in
    need of simplifying their spaces and their lives.

    Jessica and Ed Curtis- Home Organizing
  • Maria White, a professional organizer with Enuff With The Stuff, is located in Northern Virginia
    and I bought a new house in New Mexico. I had a very disorganized kitchen in so many ways
    and I did not know how to make my beautiful new kitchen work efficiently so I called Maria for a
    virtual consultation. I e-mailed Maria and asked her if she would help me with my kitchen and
    she instructed me to open all of my cabinets and take pictures and e-mail them to her right
    away. She called me a couple of hours later and meticulously reviewed each and every inch of
    my kitchen clutter with me and presented solutions.
    When I did all of the things that Maria told me to do, I took after pictures and e-mailed them to
    her for her review.
    I could go on and on about the countless wonderful ideas that Maria gave me to make my
    kitchen work but instead, contact Maria…she’s a genius and a joy to work with. My life is much
    less stressful and I love my kitchen! Thank you Maria!!!”

    Rachael Allen, NM – Virtual Organizing
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